A food brand is using over 10.000 floor displays per year, with the same shape, but produced in 4 different designs because of their divers product range. Additionaly they also regularly require custommade displays with a specific action-design.

Before “endless branding”

Since prices (ranged from €20,00 to €29,00 per unit) were always agreed per order, this resulted in high administrative costs, less flexibility and increased time demands.

After “endless branding”

Today we produce these displays on a weekly demand (with afixed price of €21.00 per unit) with an average of 1.250 displays a month (sometimes more, sometimes less) depending on the customer needs.
The number of printversions which can vary from 3 to 15 versions each month is no longer a concern.

This customer now works only with a minimum stock that contains just a few spare parts and a standard shipping box.

Our customer now saves 12% on annual costs due to:

no risk
less administration
no financing
no stuffed warehouse
no expired pos
But most important, they actually score in todays competitive market.
Our customer is far more addeptable to a dynamic market.