‘50% of all shoppers prefer shopping in a “charming” store above online’

45% of Dutch consumers prefer to shop in a ‘charming’ physical store than online. These are the results of an international survey of Mood Media, which was filled out by a thousand Dutch people.
Using the appropriate combination of music, visuals and smell, 40% of respondents wants to stay longer in a shop. 56% says they will come back sooner if the atmosphere is nice, while 22% say those elements have no influence at all. In addition 27% say the atmosphere is the main reason to visit physical stores, this is well above the international average of 20%.
Fitting and touching of physical products is by far the main reason to go to shops by Dutch consumers: 76%. Followed by direct contact with a product and the ability to discover new products, with respectively 60% and 49%.
49% of Dutch consumers would like to receive deals on their phone in the shop. Among 18-to 24-year-olds this is even 74%. As the age increases this aspect is less important. Worldwide 53% of consumers like to receive offers on their smartphones while shopping.

Source: retailtrends.nl

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