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Zero Waste

Zero Waste
October 29, 2020

Zero Waste and the lowest possible Carbon Footprint is the aim for more and more companies! At Endless Branding try to work sustainably as possible. The Zero Waste lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular. Endless Branding sees waste as the raw material for new products. We want to move towards a future in which all materials get a second life. The only way to achieve this is to start together today.

Cardboard is so much more than media and packaging material. At Endless Branding we are constantly looking at our production waste and how we can use it for other things. Times change and we like to change! We already produce a lot of packaging materials from our production waste for internal use, but also for some of our customers.

You will also find various sustainable products in our webshop. Consider, for example, our popular cardboard lamps. This industrial giant made of sturdy environmentally friendly brown kraft cardboard is an eye-catcher in any interior or office! Super eco-friendly and sustainable!

After we recently passed our FSC audit successfully, we have expanded our FSC range with several new varieties. We have now added water-resistant cardboard that is FSC certified and therefore often a nice alternative to certain plastics. Think about display constructions in the flower and plant sector, but also outdoor advertising. A PVC election sign is really outdated ...

We are the first generation that knows that an environmental limit has been reached and that we cannot continue like this. But we are also probably the last generation to do something about it before it is too late. Take the step to a more environmentally friendly future today and find out how we can not only help your POS campaign but also the environment!